This article is intended as an ongoing place to reference known issues in FileBound and to track their resolution status.

If you are an IT Tech, you can also reference the Filebound Troubleshooting article.

Description: When using the web viewer to view a document with multiple pages, the user only sees some of them, or may see an extra page that is stuck on a "loading" screen. If you switch to the windows viewer, you will see all the pages, and if you check in the FileBound web interface, all the pages are there.

Resolution:  Select Imaging emailed a resolution from Filebound: Opening a multi-page PDF in the windows viewer, clicking "save", and then switching back to the web viewer will display all pages correctly. Until a more convenient resolution is offered, though, the workaround may be preferable.

Workaround: Use the Windows Viewer instead of the web viewer. Additionally, Unknown User ( has changed the "Renditions" setting on a project to "Display PDF documents in their Native format in the Web Viewer". This will open adobe reader inside of the web viewer, and all pages will be visible.  

Description: When using the search module in the web interface, users have to press the "Tab" key twice to move between each field. Sometimes, pressing "Tab" will move the cursor up a field rather than down. This only affects the search feature.

Resolution:  Unknown User ( has reported the issue to Select Imaging.

Description: When using the global search at the top of the web interface, searching results in a "loading" screen that doesn't go anywhere. Examining the console reveals an error with a java script module that has been deprecated.

Resolution:  The browser's cached images and files need to be deleted. Contact the IT help desk to resolve this.

Workaround: Use the search tab on the left side of the interface.

Description: When attempting to view a file, a message pops up with this message.

Resolution:  A new version of the FileBound Viewer needs to be installed. Contact the IT help desk to resolve this.

Description: When dragging a file into the windows viewer to upload it, the tree view collapses and the user has to navigate back to the location they uploaded the file in order to rename it.

Resolution:  Unknown User ( has reported this issue to Select Imaging.

Description: Separators or dividers that used to be visible are missing.

Resolution:  This is caused by group permissions conflicting. Contact the IT help desk to resolve this.

Description: A red error appears reading "This feature is not included with your license. Please contact your administrator..." when attempting to view the forms portal.

Resolution:  We were able to get the correct license applied, enabling the forms portal as it should be working.